Saturday, June 19, 2004

Why this Blog?

I thought I would see if a blog would facilitate communication between veterans who served on Monkey Mountain during the Vietam War. Various sites on the web feature Monkey Mountain and include pictures,...particularly of the Crusader (Navy fighter) that crashed on the top of the spine of the mountain.

Monkey Mountain is located east of Danang, between the city and the Pacific. During the war there were Navy, Marine and Air Force facilities on the mountain. I was with MACs-1 in 1969 and 70 as a radar tech.

Last summer, my son toured southeast Asia and attempted to go up the road to the installations along the ridge connecting the peaks of Monkey Mountain. He found the road was closed.

Has anyone out there has been back to the top of Monkey Mountain in recent years. What is it like? Have any pictures?

Lets see where this goes..

Simian Sam